Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Swim of the Summer

Yeah - We got dad to blow up the pool yesterday and cooled off from the heat of the sun - Splish! Splash! YeHAW! So refreshing.... Ahhhhhh (Brigston & Evelynne May 30, 2010)

Robbins Come to Visit

Ist week of April we had a suprise visit from my oldest sister Juliene and her sweet family - They came out to see the church history sites for their kids spring break vacation and we were lucky enough to be smack dab in the middle of all the places they would visit. So needless to say we were the Dittmer Bed and Breakfast and had such a blast having them here... just never enough hours in a day but we so loved having them here and will treasure those laughs and activities that we shared... loved having the many hands around... Juliene and Shayla held babies while the boys worked on projects in the yard!!! Talk about awesome!!! Wish we could have them around all the times ;) Also made time for a little Easter egg hunt...

March 1, 2010 - Ely Vaughn Dittmer

March 1st was a big day for us... we were blessed with another beautiful baby boy! We named him Ely Vaughn Dittmer. 8lbs. 21.5 inches long with a ton of black hair. That makes 3 babies in 3 1/2 years... Yikes! Wow! Lovely! Its sure been a learning curve for us and we are still adjusting but the lord knows what he is doing and we both have very large and supportive families. He had some trouble when he was first born with his lungs and had to be up in the NIC unit for the first 48 hrs but the lord answered our prayers and we were able to hold him, love him, and bring him home with us. We sure do love our little angel and are truely treasuring his presence in our family. Seeing how fast my other two have changed in such a short amount of time has made me stop and smell the roses (diapers :) and linger in the moments much more... babies are so precious....

Lil' Cupid

Evelynne was all dressed up for Valentines day and caught some cute shots of her

We are now going to be back in the loop of internet communication - so embarrassed that our last blog was a week shy of a year ago... wow time flies and we have so much to update you all on - So MUCH has changed so I will do my best to play catch up with quick summaries - Sure have enjoyed watching all your blogs and look forward to chatting again - LOVE YOU ALL! Lets get started ;)