Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hangin' in the Tractor!

Here's some proof of Briggs & I makin' hay... its a bit tight but we make it happen and he really likes being out on the farm and riding in the tractor. He & I mowed and raked hay and then hopped in later that night with Brian to bale it up before it rained. We sure love farming!

Brigston's First Halloween

Brigston was a skunk for halloween... he was sooooo cute! It says "lil' stinker" around the tail! We went trick or treating with his cousins. It was fun and a new experience for both him and mommy! He slept most of the way after we got him in the stroller... fun times ;)

Brigstons First Smiles!!!

Isn't he sweet! Wow he's got a killer grin ;) He's also cooing and talking quite a bit. Everyday he seems to be more and more interactive. His laughs and giggles melt our heart and keep us in anticipation for every new day. What a special gift he is.... sure makes life worth living!