Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brigstons 1st Birthday!

Evelynne Brielle Dittmer

Wow! Surprise! We decided to have Irish twins (two babies born in the same year with different birth-dates!) Evelynne Brielle Dittmer was born on July 16th 2008. She weighed 7lbs 15oz. and was 20 inches long. She has my blue eyes, (alot) of Brians dark hair, and Brigstons appetite ;) She is such a sweetie and so good natured! She is learning to ignore Brigston and his "love of his own voice" stage... (lots of random hollering and squealing). Grandma Barbara Schulthies was here for the delivery and Grampa Vaughn flew in a few days later. It was so neat to have them come and visit! We sure do love and miss them and really appreciate Grandma Joleen for her continuous love and support! Evie and Brigston are eleven months apart. Brigston really enjoys having another buddy to play with and so far doesn't seem to have a problem with sharing momma... He has figured out how to copy our behaviours around her and coos and smiles at her... he now says "hi" in a girlie voice that is hilarious! We will video it and put it on here. He also started walking on the evening of 9/11. Momma is soooo relieved! Now I am not stuck holding both of them at the same time as much ;) Yeah for independence!!! As of now, he has 4 teeth.

Home Sweet Home! 4-15-08

First off, big apology for not being able to update our blog till now (seven months later!) Gees where does the time go... a lot has happened in the last seven months so I will do a summary of the big items now and come back and fill in the blanks with more pictures later this week.
On tax day, April 15th, 2008, we moved to our dream farm with this really fun old farm house. It is the family heritage of the Dittmers where Grandma & Grampa Dittmer raised 11 children & farmed. One of these children was Mike, Brian(my husbands) dad. So its really neat that we are able to carry on the special family legacy of farming with such a strong history. The house has old school character but we love it and have enjoyed fixing it up little by little. Here you can also see one of our other changes... our family vehicle (2001 Dodge Durango). Had to upgrade from the ford and my toyota so we can fit all six of us (with two car seats ;) We got a steal of a deal and we really love it! I will explain more later this week.