Monday, February 4, 2008

It must have been a long truck ride!

Just another night playing! Momma says we play to rough sometimes and Brigs is going to catch that shaken baby sindrome disease? We have fun together, he is so personnable!

Playing at nights!

Don't know why naked baby Brigs with a drowl gaurd on is so funny, but it is! I need to find a gaurd for me when we are playing!!! He always seems to be able to get it all over us!

Big Family... getting BiGgEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a good picture of us at all, but atleast you all will get to see what we looked like. We are waiting for the photographer to get us our pictures so this will have to do for now! Sheree will be upset that I posted this one, but between all of you and me.... I know how to get her calmed down quickly!!! I just have to crack the whip! haha... ya right! Now I'm really in trouble!!!

They are Beautiful!

You have to admit... She still steals the picture even when she is in black and white!!! I thought the flowers were beautiful also, Sheree made her own bouquet!

Yummy for me!

This was the second best part of our Wedding!!! The best part was hearing Sheree... my most beautiful, loving, funny wife... SAY I DO!!! I so truely love her!